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The Family, Advisors and Staff

The Sinclair family has been in the heavy industrial business since the early 1920's and commercial construction since 1970. Being taught by a carpenter and lathe operator, Jay became a professional engineer. First working at one of the local paper mills, and then opening up his own contracting business in 1970. Early on was engineering work and office buildings, migrating to shopping malls and arenas. Commercial was soon set aside with the offer to work on the paper mills he grew up on. After proving himself, a few years later came a $400 million project to build a whole paper mill. The family business has been building, expanding and repair paper mills, power plants and mines since then. Generalities include conveyor belt systems, multi story heavy frame buildings, paper mills, pump systems, and turbines.

Specialties include precision millwrighting and ironworking. Specialty welders help provide the quality of pipefitting in the fabrication plant that creates demand all around the world.

Dan Sinclair, President

Dan Sinclair, the company's President, started in industrial construction in the 1970's, with a dual path in computer engineering starting in the early 1980's. Dan opened his first residential construction business in 1985, after working in the electrical department in a local paper mill for a few years. By that time he had already learned to program robotics and implementation. He went on to complete three years of computer/electrical engineering, with a general first year, before going to work for a large electrical manufacturer at the plant, handling distribution.

After completing an accounting degree from ACSB accredited SCSU in Minnesota, Sinclair moved to Florida to work for a commercial real estate developer. He acquired a title insurance, mortgage broker, and real estate licenses while taking the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) courses and studying for the CPA exam. He worked in commercial real estate and finance, while also serving as IT Director for the entities he worked for, or started.

Sinclair was routinely a leader by necessity, rather than by choice. When local builders without financial or management experience began failing at the peak of the market, Sinclair was forced to step in and take care of the needs of existing clients. He obtained his General Contracting license in Florida and began building hurricane resistant homes that were certified green (Florida Green Building coalition), Energy Star Compliant and Fortified for Safer Living. During this time, Sinclair researched a number of ways to make homes stronger and more efficient, while shortening the building cycle to reduce costs for clients. He filed for a number of patents on homebuilding processes.

After the homebuilding industry came to a screeching halt in Florida, Sinclair was pulled back to his roots, industrial and commercial construction. He worked in both finance and management for manufacturing plants, power plants and mining projects. Types of plants ranged from energy independence for the US to his history in paper mills, powerplants and mines.

His background as an insurance agent and adjuster for large losses, has given him a unique perspective on the devastating impact of hurricanes. He is committed to helping people reinforce their plants, businesses and homes to withstand the impact of hurricanes, and outfit them with energy independence so they are not waiting weeks to months to have their power restored, and get their lives back to normal. Sinclair has made his business focus helping hurricane survivors get back on their feet quickly from Pensacola to Naples.


Troy Moore, Vice President, Operations




The company brings partners together with over three decades of roofing experience, three decades of hurricane recovery experience, four decades of construction experience, three decades of estimating experience, and three decades of working effectively with insurnace companies to the mutual benefit of the client and insurance company. With scalability up to 2,000 mechanics to work on hurricane damage from roofing to mold remediation, the company has the resources to ramp up quickly for disasters. Sinclair leverages local resources first, pulling from out of town and out of state to fill in the rest. While Sinclair brings on local sub-contractors first, and hires local people first, it has a vast staff ready to supplement it's in-house team, at a moment's notice.

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